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The Alternate format reports provide information on conversion requests, the number of conversion requests per file, conversion downloads, the number of conversion requests per user role -

  • Conversions: Single conversion requests and their status.
  • Alternate Formats: Individual files and their number of requests.
  • Downloads: Individual files and their number of downloads.
  • Users: Individual user roles (teacher, student, etc) and their number of requests.
  • Conversion Errors: Errors generated by the failure of conversion requests.
  • View all my courses: Viewing conversions for all courses the user has course editing permissions in.

Each report has its own set of filter options to sort the data on several different columns, and also has the option to have its full set of information downloaded into a number of different download formats.

Viewing Alternate format reports

The Alternate format reports can be accessed via:

  • Course's Actions menu (Boost theme) > More > Reports > File Conversions
  • Course administration block (Classic theme) > Reports > File Conversions

If you have course editing permissions in multiple courses, you can view the File conversion reports for all of your courses by clicking “View All my courses” from the single course view of the file conversion reports.

The Conversions report with View All My Courses highlighted

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