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This Bulk fix log wizard provides a list of previously existing accessibility errors that have since been fixed through the Accessibility+ toolkit wizards. The user is shown the retained records of each HTML change generated by using one of the fix wizards, with an option to restore the original HTML.

Please note: this page warns that these "Restore" action requests will potentially re-introduce errors when restoring back to the previous HTML, which will then be re-analysed and most likely be reported as errors again.

Viewing the Bulk fix log wizard

The Bulk fix log wizard can be accessed via:

  • Course actions menu > Brickfield Accessibility+ toolkit > Go to wizards > Bulk fix log
  • Accessibility+ Review block > View Accessibility+ report (Chart icon) > Go to wizards > Bulk fix log
The Bulk fix log wizard of the Accessibility+ Toolkit

The Bulk fix log wizard displays the following for each record:

  • Date: when the change was made.
  • Activity: the activity name, and the section of HTML code changed.
  • Existing HTML code: the full fixed HTML code after the fix was applied.
  • Previous HTML code: the full original HTML code before the fix was applied.
  • Actions: Restore button to restore the full original HTML code.

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