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The Error list wizard provides you with all errors for the course to help find and fix them quickly. Each error has its own Edit link, which brings you directly to edit the original content in which the error occurs.

Viewing the Error list wizard

The Error list wizard  can be accessed via:

  • Course actions menu > Brickfield Accessibility+ toolkit > Go to wizards > Error list
  • Accessibility+ Review block > View Accessibility+ report (Chart icon) > Go to wizards > Error list

Additionally, it can be accessed and filtered to a HTML check through accessing via the "View" link that's available for every check in the Check list report and some course modules in the Outline report.

The Error list report of the Accessibility+ Toolkit

The Error list wizard displays the following details for each error:

  • Activity: the activity type.
  • Check: HTML check that failed.
  • Edit: activity “Edit” link.
  • Line: the line of code the error exists on.
  • Existing HTML code: the full HTML code.

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