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The Fix bold wizard provides you with "bold" errors for the course and updates the formatting of bold text into the correct HTML tag, from the <b> tag to a <strong> tag to help fix them quickly. The <b> (bold) element, or tag, provides no emphasis of text for non-sighted readers. Use the correct <strong> tag instead. The existing bold tag errors are listed with a “Submit Bulk Fixing” button, which will then update all the bold tag errors on that current page.

All fixes applied through this wizard can be reverted with the Bulk fix log. All errors hidden through this wizard are located in Exception Management.

Viewing the Fix bold wizard

The Fix bold wizard can be accessed via:

  • Course actions menu > Brickfield Accessibility+ toolkit > Go to wizards > Fix bold
  • Accessibility+ Review block > View Accessibility+ report (Chart icon) > Go to wizards > Fix bold
  • The "Fix" link that's available for the "Bold (b) elements should not be used, "strong" should be used instead" check in the Check list report.
The Fix bold wizard of the Accessibility+ Toolkit

The Fix bold wizard displays the following details for each error:

  • Name: the activity type and name.
  • Course: the courses shortname in which the error resides.
  • Existing HTML code: the full HTML code.
  • Update to: the full HTML code if the fix is applied, this will change the <b> tag to a <strong> tag.
  • Hide: checkbox to hide the error when processed


The <b> (bold) element only conveys appearance, whereas the <strong> element conveys meaning to all.

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