Images are a benefit for most users, particularly for those with strongly visual thinking preferences, those from different language backgrounds or those with print disabilities. The accessibility requirements below enhance images for a range of different users.

  • Provide a meaningful description relevant to the teaching purpose of your image in the alt tag.
  • Label purely decorative images appropriately, so screen-readers can bypass them.
  • Use appropriate Alt Text descriptions relevant to the destination if image is a link (for example "Go to Home page").
  • Ensure strong enough contrast for the image elements, be wary of light shades, especially grey and yellow.
  • Use sharp, clear, good resolution images.
  • Use normal text in preference to images with just text, along with styling if required.
  • Use an accessible format, MATHJAX or LaTeX etc, to display scientific, mathematical or financial equation notation.
  • Provide longer text descriptions for images with complicated diagrams or detailed information, in addition to an alt description.
  • If you must use ASCII art, emoticons and leetspeak remember to provide alt text for them (or dont use them at all!).
  • Remember to provide alt text for other types of visual content such as applets or button images!
  • Use punctuation in the Alt Text and put the most important information at the beginning.

Remember! Although images provide many accessibility benefits, they can also provide barriers for those who can't see the image or can see it but struggle to understand the main points.

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